7 Mistakes When Choosing An Agent

Mistakes to Avoid

Most of us don’t normally work with real estate agents very often.  Choosing the right agent may not be an easy decision, wouldn’t you agree?  And choosing the wrong agent can lead to financial and emotional headaches.

Don’t choose an agent who

Offers the lowest commission.  (To save you money of course).  They most often offer fewer services and limited marketing.  And not all offers will close – the agent may not put enough effort into the closing process to get you to the closing table.

Gives you the highest listing price.   We in the business call that “buying the listing”.  Only to suggest price reductions as time passes.  The first three to four weeks of marketing are crucial.  If the asking price is too high, buyers simple won’t even consider your property, let alone go see it.  You have only one chance to make a first impression.

Sold the most properties.  They may not have the time needed to service you and many times will turn you over to their assistants.  A lot of the responsibilities will be given to others that are less qualified.

Is a family member.   A family member or good friend may not give you the honest truth – a reality check.  Will you or your relative be able to look past whatever may have gone wrong during the home selling process if the experience isn’t’ the greatest?  And ask yourself, do you want them knowing all of your finances?

Works only part time.  One major drawback is limited time flexibility.  The work involved in managing the listing, marketing it, giving it the much needed exposure and bringing it to a successful close demands a lot of attention.  Are they available only after hours or on weekends?

Do interview more than one agent.

And do check references.

In conclusion, avoiding these mistakes when choosing an agent might result in not only saving you thousands but avoiding unnecessary emotional drama!