Good News!

You control 3 of the critical factors that can influence how quickly your property sells and for what price.

The condition of the property.  Buyers will overestimate the cost of repairs, even small ones.

The asking price.  Price the property to sell vs the competition.

How easy it is to show.  Be flexible.

First Step … decide why you want to sell and what you want to accomplish.

6 Important questions to consider …

  1. Do you have time constraints? (Are you getting transferred, school schedules)
  2. Do you have immediate financial needs? (To sell quicker, lower your price)
  3. How motivated are you? (What will selling do for you)
  4. Are you just “testing the market”? (Maybe you should consider staying put)
  5. Do you want to downsize? (Prices are on the upside.  That means more money for your home)
  6. Are you looking to upgrade? (This is a great time to sell – It’s a seller’s market)

3 Must-do Steps for A Successful Sale

  1. Develop a Pro-Active Marketing Plan, targeting the right buyers for your
  2. Determine the Best List Price, resulting in the best and highest sales price.
  3. Enhance buyer appeal. Staging A Home increases value and shortens sales time.  It’s been proven!