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Quick Top Staging Tips

By Barbara Boucher | May 17, 2023

HOME STAGING  – QUICK TIPS Quick, Easy Staging Tips  A house must look its best to attract buyers and sell for the most money possible.  Buyers buy because it feels right. Curb appeal is one of the most overlooked features.  What buyers see on the outside is what they expect to see on the inside […]

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Thinking of Buying?

By Barbara Boucher | Mar 23, 2023

THINGS TO KNOW WHEN BUYING Thinking of Buying?   Buying a home can be stressful.  It’s a big investment, both financially and emotionally.  And you want to be sure you’re not overpaying. Sellers believe they are making a rational judgement about their home.  Truth is, sellers are often biases and believe their home is worth as […]

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Want to Sell?

By Barbara Boucher | Mar 2, 2023

SOME THINGS TO KNOW WHEN SELLING  Thinking of Selling?  Do you know what buyers are really thinking?  A buyer is only interested in looking at your home if he knows what’s in it for him.  Your goal is to sell your home.  At a higher price.  In less time.  For the highest return possible.  So […]

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Timelines in the Probate Process

By Barbara Boucher | Feb 17, 2023

PROBATE  TIMELINES How Long does probate take? Administrators often expect that probate will either be a very short process, or one that drags on for months. Either of these scenarios can occur.  And it varies from state to state.  And everyone’s situation is different. For example, if family members don’t agree it can slow things […]

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Top 4 Buyer Fears

By Barbara Boucher | Dec 9, 2022

BUYING  – BUYER FEARS Top 4 Buyer Fears Being able to afford a mortgage.  What if you lose your job?  Or have a serious medical problem?  Knowledge is power.  Talk with a trusted mortgage broker to estimate monthly expense, mortgage, taxes, utilities. Over whelming maintenance costs.  Avoid buying more house than you can afford.  A good home […]

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Why Homes Don’t Sell

By Barbara Boucher | Nov 11, 2022

SELLING? – WHY HOMES DON’T SELL 3 Reasons why homes don’t sell. Incorrect pricing.  Pricing is critical.  One of the most crucial factors in the sale of a property is pricing it correctly for its location, condition, improvements, and other factors.  Price it right, you are on your way to a successful sale.  Get it […]

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Is Home Staging Worth It?

By Barbara Boucher | Nov 3, 2022

HOME STAGING – Is It Worth It? Does Home Staging Pay Off?   It is proven!  A properly staged home will fetch as much as 10% to 15% more than one not staged … and will sell in less time. When assessing budgets, the order of importance is curb appeal, kitchens, then bathrooms.  And color.  Color […]

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First Steps When Buying

By Barbara Boucher | Oct 20, 2022

BUYING  – FIRST STEPS Step Number One. Get a pre-approval letter BEFORE you start your search.  Why is this so critical?  You’ll know what you can afford.  This will save you valuable time help avoid future disappointments. You’ll be ready to make an offer when a home feels right for you.  With a pre-approval in […]

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First Things First When Selling

By Barbara Boucher | Oct 13, 2022

SELLING  – FIRST THINGS FIRST The First Step.  Decide why you want to sell, and what you want to accomplish.  Important questions to consider … Do you have time constraints? (Are you getting transferred, school schedules) Do you have immediate financial needs? (To sell quicker, lower your price) How motivated are you?  (What will selling […]

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