Buying Issues October 20, 2022

First Steps When Buying


Step Number One.

Get a pre-approval letter BEFORE you start your search.  Why is this so critical?  You’ll know what you can afford.  This will save you valuable time help avoid future disappointments.

You’ll be ready to make an offer when a home feels right for you.  With a pre-approval in hand, you’ll have better negotiating power.  And in today’s market, most sellers won’t even look at offers without a pre-approval.

Interview several agents.  Some buyers feel they are better off doing their own research online and don’t think they need an agent.  What they may not realize is just how valuable it can be working with one agent that is dedicated to you.  And it doesn’t cost you anymore.

A competent agent will help guide you, providing essential information needed so you can make the best decision that’s good for you. And finding the right home is only the first step.  Then it’s getting a signed agreement, with terms that are in your best interests and then getting to the closing table.  There’s a lot that can go wrong and a good agent will help avoid those situations.