Your home hasn’t sold.  Are you frustrated?  Angry?

We understand your frustration!  You thought your property would sell in a matter of weeks.  You did your part – and what do you have to show for it.  Nothing!

And are you tired of hearing the same excuse, “your price is too high”.  Maybe it was, but maybe it wasn’t. That’s only one of many reasons why a home doesn’t sell.  Every property is different – there is no one right answer.

We have a different approach than most.  We analyze what went wrong, WHY your property didn’t sell.  There are all sorts of factors that go into a timely, successful sale.  Together we’ll discuss what we can do to result in a successful sale for you.

And everyone has a different story, a different reason to move, a dream to start anew somewhere else.

A True Story

The time was fast approaching when Vincent and Mary Ellen would own two houses, and that meant added expenses and responsibility.  They liked their first agent, friends had referred her.  She had told them it was a sellers’ market, so they were hopeful the house would sell quickly.

After 4 months on the market, one price reduction and a few low-ball offers, they took the house off the market.  The agent’s only suggestions were to lower the price, again.  We were hired.  Based on our findings, they agreed to make some easy changes.  It’s different with every house, so it’s important to know where to invest the effort for the biggest return.

The house sold in just 10 days for the asking price!  Vincent and Mary Ellen closed on their Michigan house the same week they closed on their Florida home.



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Another True Story

Mikes dream was to live on the water someday.  Sadly, his wife had recently passed, and as difficult as it was to part with so many cherished memories, it was time to move on.  He listed his home with a good friend whom he trusted and liked.

Well, 3 months went by with no offers.  When Mike called his friend, he was told he had a “flawed property” (yes, there was a small local mall behind him).  Mike called us.  He expected us to tell him to lower the price.  Just the opposite!  We suggested he raise the price by $5,000 provided he makes the simple suggestions we offered.  Simple changes can make a dramatic difference.

Mike’s home sold in 6 days above the new asking price.  We even found him the perfect house on the water.  Another happy ending.

Isn’t it time your dreams finally came true?  Call us today for a no obligation meeting, or simply email us and we’ll send you our Guidebook, “Successfully Selling Your Home in Today’s Market.”

In a few weeks you could be on your way too.

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