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Usually at some point in the probate process you will need help finding a professional service provider. As a CPRES agent (Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist) I can provide you with the names and contact info for any of the following (and more!):

Probate Attorney, Estate Liquidator (for personal property), Real Estate Appraiser, Personal Property Appraiser, Accountants, CPAs, and Tax Attorneys, Handymen, electrician, plumber, roofer, pest control, property manager, landscaper, trash hauler.

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Sometimes you just want immediate clarity on how to settle the probate estate quickly, legally and fairly without spending a fortune or getting a law degree.  I have found that there are 7 BIG mistakes most administrators and executors make while going through probate… You can learn what they are AND how to avoid them in less than 10 minutes with my free e book.


What follows below is a list of common mistakes that can be costly if not avoided. We encourage you to read thoroughly. It has helped many executors and administrators alike and we hope it can assist you as

A probate timeline outlines the series of legal and administrative steps that occur following a person's death to settle their estate and distribute assets to beneficiaries. While the exact timeline can vary based on the complexity of the estate, local laws, and other factors, here is a general overview