Selling Issues November 11, 2022

Why Homes Don’t Sell


3 Reasons why homes don’t sell.

Incorrect pricing.  Pricing is critical.  One of the most crucial factors in the sale of a property is pricing it correctly for its location, condition, improvements, and other factors.  Price it right, you are on your way to a successful sale.  Get it wrong, you scare buyers away.


Improper Marketing.  Did you know 90% plus of buyers search online before deciding to visit a property (or not).  But there is a lot more to selling a property then just waiting to see what happens.  A marketing plan designed specifically for your property, an aggressive target marketing approach, is what will get a property sold for the most money possible, in the quickest amount of time.

Not Staging.  Why staging makes a difference.  The way we live in our home is different than how we sell a house.  Buyers make assumptions about a property based on what they see, and how they feel about what they see.  Small changes can make a BIG difference.  And it is possible to spend small to reap BIG!