Staging November 3, 2022

Is Home Staging Worth It?

HOME STAGING – Is It Worth It?

Does Home Staging Pay Off?   It is proven!  A properly staged home will fetch as much as 10% to 15% more than one not staged … and will sell in less time.

When assessing budgets, the order of importance is curb appeal, kitchens, then bathrooms.  And color.  Color will give the best return on investment.

Simple changes can make a huge difference.  Rearrange furniture, use throw pillows, generic shower curtain, fresh flowers, clean windows.  And of course, remove personal item like photos, religious items, excessive knick-knacks.

Virtual staging is an easy, cost-effective approach that helps buyers to visualize their future home.  When you provide the photos, for as little as $25 – $30 per room.   The home is staged with the help of digitally adding furniture or changing features such as cabinets, paint colors and more.