Staging September 24, 2022

Staging Vs Decorating


What is Home Staging?

We hear terms like declutter, neutralize, and curb appeal but what does that really mean.  If you think about it, we “decorate” our home to reflect our lifestyle.  Decorating is for the homeowner.  Staging is for the buyer – to make them feel comfortable.

The way we live in a home is not the same as how we sell a house.  And it does not have to be costly.  Simple changes can make a HUGE difference.   Open the curtains and blinds when showing the home.  Is the furniture the right size for the room?  Furniture too big will make a room seem smaller.  And too small can make a space feel cold.  Arrange the furniture so walkways are clear and easy to navigate.  Use throw pillows to add a pop of color.

3 Great Tips

Clean, clean, clean.

Fix what’s broken.

Erase your personality.