Probate October 4, 2022

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Probate


Most Common Mistakes made when selling Probate Property.

One common mistake is selecting the wrong service providers.  This could be a very costly mistake.

Are you wondering whether to liquidate the personal property?  It can be helpful to contact a reputable estate sales company, one that is experienced with probate.  And if there are special items, i.e., artwork, coin collection, antique cars, then contact companies that specialize in those particular items.

For investment assets such as stock and bonds consult with a qualified money management professional.

Make sure the real estate property is properly insured while the estate is being settled.  Natural disasters can strike at any time.  And if you are the personal representative, you could be liable for any losses due to damage that would otherwise have been covered by insurance.

Real estate is often the most valuable asset in an estate.  It may play a major part in selling outstand debts.  Be sure to get a market valuation from a qualified Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist to help with your decision.